What We Saw (2010)

Installation with:

13 circular objects with images and texts. The objects has various sizes, the smallest are ø15cm and the largest objects are ø65cm. The objects are very glossy and the surfaces are highly reflective.

All images in this work are all from my personal photographic archive, created during several trips around the globe. The texts are all taken from different fact books about UFO’s. The content of my quotes are dealing with the issue of photography and proof. Some of the books was found in my family’s home and some in yard sales.

The work has been shown to a public twice, once at Röda Sten Konsthall in Göteborg, Sweden during my BFA show called ‘Clouds of Witness’ between april and may 2010 and once on a solo show held at Gallery KC, Göteborg, Sweden in may 2011.