Försök att övervinna fysiskt avstånd och till slut (förhoppningsvis) mötas (2012)

During 10 days, I and Kirsti took 8 slides each per day. On the 10th day, Kirsti travelled the 2000 km from Tromsø, Norway to Göteborg, Sweden. The last 80th picture of each was a portrait of the other.
We ended up with 160 photographs, that was projectet in pairs on the same surface. The slide projectors that was used was intentionally adjusted to change picture simultaneously, but one of the slide projectors did not function in that way, and the randomized effect appeard. We ended up with two portraits trying to meet.

Installation with:
2 slide projectors
80 slides by Erik Betshammar
80 slides by Kirsti Taylor Bye
modified remote control

A roughly made translation of the title of the work: Attempt to overcome physical distance and (hopefully) in the end meet

Installation view at Göteborg Konsthall