ettersom • eftersom (2012)

Self published book made together with Kirsti Taylor Bye.

Printed in february 2012 in an edition of 125.

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In the fall of 2011 were Kirsti and I physically separated from each other for the first time since we became a couple. Kirsti moved to Tromsø¸, in the northern Norway and I was left in Göteborg, in the southern Sweden. In the last days of August I came to visit her for some days. Before I left her at this remote place, we decided to make an image each, each day until we saw each other again. We did not talk about the content of our images during the process, we only checked if the other one had made the image of the day. When Kirsti came to Göteborg, after 24 days, we showed the images to each other and felt instantly that we had to do something with them. The images and the project had become very important for us.