With Photography in Mind (2015)

With Photography in Mind was a group show at Galleri BOX that I curated.

Gallery BOX presents a group exhibition that brings together recent works by Annika von Hausswolff, Lotta Antonsson and Thom Bridge, which together explore the medium and physicality of the photographic in the changing landscape of digitisation.

As its starting point BOX has chosen to focus on the fundamental shift in photography that can be said to have already taken place: digital is the norm for production. This shift from analogue seems to have freed photography from its binding to the truth, photographs are now more commonly understood as manipulated and subjective. Images are images, not the truth, and the myth that photographs should be truthful is dead.

The artists’ works presented in the exhibition take advantage of the freedom this shift has enabled, yet also carry the consequences. The works bear witness to the never-ending development of the photographic medium and how each of the artists relate to this. They all share an interest for the materiality of photography and a strong will to express something else, always with photography in mind.

– Erik Betshammar, curator for the exhibition

Link to documentation on Galleri BOX website